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British alt-rock/grunge-pop.
Main influences: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age.

YOU kicked off all the way back in May 2017 in London, England. We put out our first single ‘A Bird’s Prey’ online in July and it got picked up by the BBC Radio who aired us for 3 weeks running on their weekly show ‘BBC Introducing’. Soon after, we decided we needed a music video and put out a simple lyric video using a cheap clip on lens and an iPhone. Off the back of that, we were offered a session on Notts TV’s live music magazine show which saw us performing an acoustic set live on primetime  television. Since the three of us all play drums, bass and guitar (we call ourselves “multi-talentless”) we occasionally do pick up our acoustic guitars to do the odd unplugged session as a guitar trio, which allows us to perform in even the smallest and strangest of venues. In March 2018 we embarked upon our first ever European tour, with 22 shows in 31 days across 5 countries. At the beginning of the tour, we launched our first physical release, ‘Selfish’, a 2 track single on CD and vinyl, available to buy from our secure online store here. Towards the end of the tour, with a couple of days off, we were invited by producer Valerio Massucci to his studio, Hypertone, to record a live session at the legendary Funkhaus complex in Berlin. Funkhaus has been home to many a legend over the years, from Depeche Mode to Dr. Dre to…well…us. We are thrilled to have been fortunate to have this unique experience and will be releasing the recording on a ‘Berlin Sessions’ EP later this year. With the help of our darlings Geordy Van Velzen (Photo Fidelis) and Beka Pritchards ( we shot our first music video for ‘Selfish’ which we stuck up on YouTube and Facebook in June. As a result, we secured slots on a number of gigs and festivals across Europe and beyond, taking us as far as Bulgaria. In September we said farewell to our bassist Elliott Parkin, who we are now looking to replace as we proceed without him for the recording of our debut album, entitled ‘Something For The Clowns’. This first full length offering is to be released in June 2019 following a 6 month PR campaign with Duff Press.

Who the hell are You?

Well, YOU (as in we) are a group of semi-likeminded guys with a penchant for vintage equipment and a passion for creating music we love.

Up front, on guitar/vocals is Lenny Verralis. Lenny is a prolific songwriter with a keen ear for sound. At just 25, he suffered a near fatal cardiac arrest – a harrowing experience which is occasionally reflected in his songwriting. Short, ginger and dyslexic, he’s described by some as a genius, although we have a few other names for him…

In defence, on bass is Elliott Parkin. Elliott represents the classic rocker in the band, despite being only the 3rd youngest member. He was born with two extra fingers which had to be removed when he was a baby. Shame really, we could’ve had a half decent bass player by now. All jokes aside though, we probably could’ve.

And last but by all means least, way back in goal, on drums is Jamie Oliver (not the chef). Jamie left his job as a gravedigger in 2005 to join the seminal punk band UK Subs with whom he toured alongside the likes of Motorhead, the Misfits, Rancid among others. An avid fan of science and technology and a suspected case of undiagnosed ADHD, he spends his downtime skydiving and measuring things with his elbow.

Together we’re quite a chilled out yet extroverted bunch of reprobates. We enjoy meeting people, having a laugh and doing what we do, and we think that comes across in our stage show.


“A London based band who are setting venues alight!” – Kerrang!



‘Selfish’. Release 01/02/2018 (independent)


‘A Bird’s Prey’. Release date: 08/07/17 (independent)



‘Selfish’ official music video. Shot by Geordy Van Velzen and Beka Pritchards. Edited by Beka Pritchards.

Lyric video for ‘A Bird’s Prey’. Shot and edited by Jamie Oliver on an iPhone.

Live on Notts TV. 

Live at the Queens Hall in Nuneaton.


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