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British fanzine Lights Go Out just published an excellent review of our single ‘Selfish’ in issue number 54. You can get a copy of the magazine here!

Big thanks to Lee Cotterell for these kind words:

“Jamie Oliver (NO! Not that one!) is well known as the long term drummer with UK Subs but he’s often been known to branch out from what might arguably be his ‘day job’. This single, as part of power trio YOU, alongside Lenny Verralis (vox/guitar) and Elliott Parkin (bass), is a prime example of that versatility. ‘Selfish’ has shades of Queens of the Stone Age in their more melodic mode. ‘Dissociative’ is a tad heavier with a big guitar riff running through it. Two tracks of catchy as fuck Britrock which will no doubt go down a proverbial storm on their forthcoming tour.” – Lee Cotterell, Lights Go Out zine