Another fantastic review of our single ‘Selfish’ this time from New Zealand magazine World Will Watch. Big thanks to Paul Goddard for his most kind words!

YOU single review:

I was given these two songs a while ago. Stuck them into my headphones, saved them to my favourites (yes, I am the Imelda Marcos of headphones and can save shit to them) and these songs didn’t just creep up and grab me, these fuckers pummelled their way into my brain.

There I am chilling at the BBQ and then this song SELFISH comes on. I am all over the place, burning shit and 3 minutes later it’s all over and I am like “who the hell was that?” You see, this noise created by YOU is kinda timeless. It feels familiar and kind of hugs you while sticking a tongue in your ear and stroking parts of you that maybe haven’t been touched by music in a while.

They (YOU) have hooks large enough to catch Moby Dick and just the right mix of attitude and pop sensibility to appeal to everyone. Think The Wildhearts hanging out with Three Colours Red with an added dose of insanity circa The Vines and you come close to getting an idea of what YOU sound like.

The second track here, Dissociative, reminds me of The Vines GET FREE but has an even better riff! You will catch this quicker than a dose of Chlamydia in Nuneaton and it will be harder to get it out of your psyche.

This (YOU) is classic Brit-rock with all the energy and attitude needed to make you smile and move around (or burn shit on a BBQ in New Zealand) and actually feel fucking happy to be alive. It’s what YOU need right now so get on this.

World Will Watch, New Zealand – Paul Goddard